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Milwaukee Public Radio. Lake Effect. Nov. 18, 2010

Wisconsin Public Radio. Larry Meiller show. Oct. 27, 2010.

New enterprise hopes to bring fresh, local food to the masses. “A first of its kind commercial kitchen is opening in Mineral Point this week. The goal of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen is to help family farmers and small restaurants get their specialty foods on to supermarket shelves in southern Wisconsin.” Thank you Gil Halsted and WPR.


Commercial Shared Kitchen Offers Opportunitites Galore. 7/22/10. “This is a huge opportunity in so very many ways.” Thank you to Jean Berns Jones and the Dodgeville Chronicle.

Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen will be boon to region. “This is a big shiny spaceship that has landed in rural Wisconsin”. Wisconsin State Journal. 7/9/10. Thank you Jane Burns and MADISON.COM

Iowa County’s Hodan Center mixes business and service to help disabled adults Great article in the Wisconsin State Journal about the Hodan Center, featured on the weekend of our Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen Grand Opening. Thank you Jane Burns and MADISON.COM


This story is currently not online. It is available in print. Your stories: Grand Opening for the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. 7/11/10. “In addition to allowing emerging or established food entrepreneurs access to the facility, the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen also has business and marketing assistance available to its clients.” Thank you Chris Papst, NBC 15 and NBC15.com

Our first Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen TV interview. 7/9/10. “If you’ve ever dreamed of growing or starting your own food business but didn’t have the capital to start from scratch, opportunity may await you with the Grand Opening of the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen.” Thank you Carleen Wild, NBC TV 15 and NBC15.com. This video is no longer available on the TV 15 web site.


Grand Opening – July 2010

In July, 1988 Hodan Community Services opened its Dairy Queen franchise restaurant at 851 Dodge Street in Mineral Point. This was the first fast food restaurant in the U.S. that was owned by a community rehabilitation program serving adults with disabilities. 22 years later, our former Dairy Queen is now reborn as the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen with its Grand Opening on July 11, 2010. Our former Dairy Queen is now reborn as the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen. Our new facility is a state-inspected community shared commercial kitchen, strategically located at the heart of 35 million people. Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen is available to small food enterprises including family farms to grow their businesses. It is also available to new and emerging food entrepreneurs creating new food innovations.