Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen (WINK) is a small-scale co-packer and prides itself on being a food processor for entry level customers.  Our opening or starting order is only 1000 pounds which translates to about 720 to 760 (16 oz.) bottles.

WINK specializes in producing products (sauces, mixes, etc.) that can be cooked in vessels, pumped and automatically filled.  We provide professional contract food manufacturing (co-packing) services to new food entrepreneurs, restaurants, and other established food companies.  This includes documentation, food preparation, labeling and packing.

WINK has two types of bottle/jar filling machines.  In addition, we have three 60-gallon steam jacket vessels for our production processes.  We have a two-vessel pumping system that allows for quick bottling of sauces and other types of liquids.  We have the capability of filling several sizes of bottles/jars and bags.

NOTE:  WINK is not licensed for meat, meat-related, dairy, or seafood products. Nor does it cold-pack product, or fresh vegetables & fruits.

Our Services

  • Labeling
  • Bottling
  • Packing
  • Formula Upscale

Our Equipment

  • Bottle/jar filling machine
  • 60-gal steam jacket processing vessels